10 August 2014

Fight The Power

I’ve become a little obsessed of late with music emerging from conflict zones around the world. I recently wrote a piece about some of the groups that we’re playing on the radio station I work at, Double J. This is the beginning of a larger project I’m working on. It’s endlessly fascinating and I’m currently opening port holes into worlds and sounds that are blowing my mind. More to come.         iframe>

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1 July 2013

Kenny Happy Returns

As the kids of UK watched old country crooner Kenny Rogers and the magnificent Dolly Parton at Glastonbury Festival recently, I was reminded of my time with Kenny singing the duet those two magnificent things sang together in the ’80s, Islands In The Stream. As part of my documentary series Nice on ABC TV, I got to play Dolly (just for a minute), and sang Islands In The Stream with The Bearded One. Clearly, I exposed myself to the world as a lover of cheesy duets. I am more than ok with that.                  …

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29 June 2013

Happy Bey Day

A few weeks ago I interviewed Beyonce for Australian TV show, The Project. When Beyonce and I were introduced, I mentioned that we had already met, way back at the end of the last century (OH GOD, THAT SOUNDS FRIGHTENING BUT IT’S TRUE). She was touring Australia with Destiny’s Child at the time. I then proceeded to make the stunning observation that she’s done pretty well for herself since. Just in case she didn’t already know, I guess. Two weeks later, I interviewed Matt Damon. At the end, in all seriousness, I wished him the best of luck with everything.…

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